HodlCards Preview


Embark on a unique journey with HodlCards, a revolutionary website bridging the gap between NFTs and physical poker decks. Developed with precision using React, Tailwind CSS, and the dynamic React Slick library, HodlCards offers an immersive experience for crypto enthusiasts. Each minted NFT opens doors to an exclusive Discord community and guarantees regular whitelist spots for exciting crypto ventures. Engage with the platform's interactive spinwheel game, where every spin holds the chance to win real poker decks. Preview.


  • NFT Minting: empowers users to mint NFTs representing physical poker decks, unlocking exclusive perks like access to a private Discord server and regular whitelist spots for crypto projects.
  • Spinwheel Game: Experience the thrill of's spinwheel game, offering free spins for a chance to win actual poker decks with every play.
  • Community Engagement: Join a vibrant community of crypto enthusiasts passionate about poker. Connect on Discord, participate in tournaments, and discuss strategies with fellow players.


  • Next - Next.js is a React framework for building full-stack web applications
  • TailwindCSS - A utility-first CSS framework packed with classes that can be composed to build any design, directly in your markup.
  • React Slick - a popular library for building carousels (slideshows or image galleries) in a React application.