LaporMas Preview


LaporMas (Laporan Masalah) is a pioneering initiative by PT PLN (Persero) UP2B DKI Jakarta & Banten designed to document and monitor the process of repairing damage to substations or bays within the company. This pilot project serves as an integral tool for efficiently managing and addressing issues related to the company's infrastructure. LaporMas aims to streamline the reporting and resolution process, contributing to the overall operational effectiveness of PT PLN (Persero) UP2B DKI Jakarta & Banten. Through this innovative approach, the company endeavors to enhance its responsiveness and ensure the seamless functioning of its critical facilities.


  • Real-Time Report Tracking: LaporMas ensures prompt and up-to-the-minute monitoring of the repair process, allowing stakeholders to track the status of reported issues in real time.
  • Notification System (WhatsApp and Email): Stay informed effortlessly with LaporMas's notification feature, delivering updates via WhatsApp and email. Receive timely alerts on the progress and resolution of reported problems.
  • Filtering Options: LaporMas incorporates a user-friendly filtering mechanism, enabling efficient sorting and organization of reported data. Users can easily navigate through information based on relevant criteria, streamlining the troubleshooting process.
  • Chart Visualization: Gain insightful perspectives through LaporMas's chart feature, providing visual representations of data trends and patterns. Charts enhance the analytical capabilities of users, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the repair landscape.


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