Meteory Preview


Meteory is an environmental monitoring platform utilizing advanced satellite technology to provide decision-makers with precise data and insights for actions towards carbon neutrality. Preview


  • Ecosystem Health: Meteory focuses on providing crucial knowledge about the health of the ecosystem, including soil, vegetation, and biodiversity, to support sustainable decisions.
  • Land Assessment: The platform offers insights into land assessment, aiming to bring a new layer of understanding about the territory.


Meteory utilizes Earth observation satellites, processing up to 40 years of archive data and real-time datasets to offer unparalleled insights. The platform's user-friendly design, built on machine learning and data science foundations, allows users to analyze and understand their territory effortlessly.

Data Sources

  • Sentinel
  • Landsat
  • Planet
  • Misc
  • Sentinel 1 (RADAR)
  • Sentinel 3 (OCEAN)
  • Sentinel 5p (ATMOSPHERIC GASES)


Meteory's technology architecture involves a combination of public and private satellites, ground data providers, and their own geospatial data format. They use machine learning to enhance and refine the data.

Use Cases

  • Carbon Monitoring: Meteory provides essential tools for monitoring carbon sequestration, supporting positive agricultural practices for soil resilience.

  • Environmental Management: The platform allows users to monitor atmospheric gases, vegetation health, land cover, and more with a simple click, facilitating comprehensive environmental management.

  • Hydric Stress: Meteory addresses the challenge of droughts by providing access to the best data to understand water levels in soil and vegetation, enabling effective resource planning.


Meteory envisions sustainability at the center of all decisions. Their mission is to make every aspect of the environment transparent to facilitate the best possible decisions.


Meteory combines data from various Earth observation satellites, including Sentinel, Landsat, Planet, and others. They use machine learning, AI, and data science to refine and enhance the data, delivering it through an easy-to-use platform.

Customer Base

Meteory is trusted by organizations such as Esa, BIC, NOORDWIJK, AWS, Le Stud, Koppert, National Forest, indicating strong collaborations and partnerships.